Lihvlint, lihvketas, lihvpadi, lihvklots, vanutushari


Lihvlint, lihvketas, poleerketas


Lõikeketas, lihvketas, lamellketas, lihvlint, karukeel


Poleerketas, poleerpasta, karukeel


Teemantketas, 'kaelkirjaku' ketas, lihvpaber




  1. This glittering ball of stars is the globular cluster NGC 1898, which lies toward the center of the Large Magellanic Cloud.
  2. On Oct. 18, 1989, space shuttle Atlantis deployed NASA's Galileo spacecraft six hours, 30 minutes into the STS-34 mission. Galileo arrived at Jupiter in December, 1995 and spent eight years in orbit around the gas giant, becoming the first spacecraft to orbit an outer planet.
  3. This artist’s conception of the core of Cygnus A shows the dusty donut-shaped surroundings, called a torus, and jets launching from its center.
  4. Viewed from a window inside the cupola, the International Space Station's "window to the world," is the Japanese Exploration Agency's H-II Transfer Vehicle-7.
  5. During National Hispanic Heritage Month, we're celebrating the achievements of astronaut Ellen Ochoa and other Hispanic astronauts and professionals at NASA. Floating upside down and reading a checklist may not be how most of us perform the day's work, but it was for Ochoa on Space Shuttle Discovery's STS-96 mission.