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Teemantlihvlindid, teemantlõikekettad, lihvkettad, poleerkettad, freesid, puurid


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  1. Stair nosings are protruding profile strips fitted on the edge of steps to provide an anti-slip surface. The nose of a step is the part of a stair where people tend to put their feet and weight on. Therefore, it is important to have sturdy and anti-slip nosings installed to avoid accidents and wear of […]

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  2. Walls are a significant building component that encloses or divides a building and forms the periphery of a room. A wall supports the weight of the roof/slab and the floor and provides shelter from external commotions. It constitutes most of the building mass as well. The designer decides the type of walling system for a […]

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  3. Excavation problems during construction usually emerge due to unfavorable groundwater conditions, inclement weather conditions, and slope instability. Proper control of groundwater is critical in the excavation process as it can make other issues such as slope instability less severe. One can always anticipate excavation problems and try to avoid them by setting a good plan […]

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