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Teemantlihvlindid, teemantlõikekettad, lihvkettad, poleerkettad, freesid, puurid


Lõikekettad, lihvkettad, lamellkettad, fiiberkettad, lihvlindid, karukeel, lamellharjad, traatharjad, roloc tüüpi kiirikinnitusega kettad


Võrkkettad, alustallad, vahepadjad, poleerkettad, poleerpastad, puhastuskärgkettad, karukeel, mikrofiiberrätid, teibieemalduskettad, saviriie


Teemantlõikekettad, 'kaelkirjaku' kettad, põrandalihvkettad, põrandahoolduskettad, tungstenkarbiidkettad, lihvvõrk




  1. An infiltration gallery is a subsurface source of water used for a water supply system whose structure is like a horizontal drain that is positioned below the water table so that it collects the groundwater. It collects the subsurface sources of water. The horizontal drain can be made out of an open jointed pipe or […]

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  2. There are different materials with different composition and properties which are used to construct wall. The functions or duties of the wall, which are either load bearing or non-loading bearing, determine its construction materials types such as various types of bricks, blocks, partition boards etc. The load bearing wall is part of structural system of […]

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  3. The road studs are retro-reflective supplements used in the road to improve visibility at night time and adverse weather conditions. Road studs serve the purpose of speed arrestor before junction/crossings/end of the flyover section wherein road crashes are prevalent. In this article, we discuss the types, requirement, placement, and spacing of road studs on different […]

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