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Teemantlihvlindid, teemantlõikekettad, lihvkettad, poleerkettad, freesid, puurid


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Teemantlõikekettad, 'kaelkirjaku' kettad, põrandalihvkettad, põrandahoolduskettad, tungstenkarbiidkettad, lihvvõrk




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  1. The DIY home improvement market reported a skyrocketing growth in 2020. According to a report published in October 2020, the industry is growing at an annual rate of 4.8% and is on track to reach $1137.57 billion in the following five years. Although a surge in DIY projects has been noticed since the early 2010s, in […]

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  2. Working space is the additional space provided between the edge of the excavation and the footing for the ease of labor movement for fixing, removing shuttering boards, pouring of concrete, and compaction of concrete using a vibrator. In this article, we shall discuss the size of the working space with examples. Size of Working Space […]

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  3. There are several tests for cement that can be carried out at the construction site such as color test, rubbing test, floating test, etc. These tests are indicative of the quality of cement to be used for concrete works.

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