Lihvlindid, takjakinnitusega lihvkettad, lihvpadjad, lihvklotsid, vanutusharjad, profiillihvharjased, nailonharjad, lihvpaber, lihvriie


Teemantlihvlindid, teemantlõikekettad, lihvkettad, poleerkettad, freesid, puurid


Lõikekettad, lihvkettad, lamellkettad, fiiberkettad, lihvlindid, karukeel, lamellharjad, traatharjad, roloc tüüpi kiirikinnitusega kettad


Võrkkettad, alustallad, vahepadjad, poleerkettad, poleerpastad, puhastuskärgkettad, karukeel, mikrofiiberrätid, teibieemalduskettad, saviriie


Teemantlõikekettad, 'kaelkirjaku' kettad, põrandalihvkettad, põrandahoolduskettad, tungstenkarbiidkettad, lihvvõrk




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  1. Constructed wetland is a natural wastewater treatment system that uses natural geochemical and biological processes in a wetland ecosystem to treat the contaminants. The whole process is mediated by complex interactions between water, plants, soil/gravel media, microorganisms, and the atmosphere by using the power of nature and energy from the sun. These artificial basins can […]

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  2. Zaha Hadid Architects has partnered with Hyperloop Italia to jointly design a Hyperloop high-speed transport system across Italy. The announcement marks another milestone for the Hyperloop transportation system, which has been gaining prominence worldwide. The agreement confirms the success of the Hyperloop Partnership Program that was launched by Hyperloop Italia to invite partners for developing […]

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  3. A construction checklist is a set of items or activities that a site in-charge must verify, check, and inspect to ensure the systematic progress of a project. It is a great tool that can help optimize and organize a project in many ways. Effective management of a construction project requires proper tracking of project activities […]

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