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  1. Active cracks in concrete are live cracks which expand in length, width, and depth over time. These cracks are formed due to overloading and thermal expansion e.g. cracks due to freeze-thaw. Common methods to repair active cracks are drilling and plugging, stitching, external prestressing and flexible sealing of cracks. Repairing active cracks is difficult because […]

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  2. The laboratory procedure to find out the metacentric height of a floating body on water is briefly explained in this article. A point about which a floating body tries to oscillate is called the metacenter of that body. The distance between metacenter (M) and center of gravity (G) of the floating body is known as […]

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  3. The pervasion of mobile technology is on the rise in every extant sector. Construction sector too is not aloof to it. The acceptance of the digital revolution has come with a lot of facilitators. Among those facilitators, teeming phone applications and software lie in the vanguard. The advent of applications in Phones, Tablets and Laptops […]

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